You’re only as sick as your secrets!

Mental health isn’t discussed in our society as much as it should be, so it’s understandable that people are nervous to admit they are struggling. Ultimately, you feel completely alone when battling with a mental health illness – you’re alone with your own thoughts and the negativity in your own mind. Speaking from a personal perspective this is frightening.

Once we realize that we are not alone we can deal with these thoughts and have a better quality of life. The most difficult part is to actually admit that we need help, but I promise you it will be the best decision ever made 🙂 . 

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From suffering with an eating disorder, I have discovered that everyday is not sunshine, sparkles and solace. Yes, there are good days, okay days and then we have the damned ugly days.

What then? I used to avoid everyone and be stuck in my own head! Why? Because I was embarrassed to admit that I was suffering with an eating disorder. In retrospect, this was idiotic – if I had a physical illness I would have requested help, and mental illness should have been treated in the same way.

Now I do things very different. I began to improve my personal perspective on life when I started my journey to recovery.

I’m a big supporter of alternative therapies. Mindfulness has played and is still playing a role on my path to recovery.

Mental health is unique to everyone and each person who encounters struggles will be different. But the one thing that we all have in common is that we can’t  struggle alone.

Find a trusted friend or individual who you can confide in. Just letting that one person know is a major support and can be a weight of your shoulders. A problem shared, is a problem halved!

Relax 🙂 Be selfish and take time for yourself. Organise me-time to do activities you enjoy that help you chill the hell out 😛 .

Your vibe attracts your tribe 🙂 . Did you ever hear this saying before? Well, basically it means the people who you surround yourself with have a major impact on your outlook. To be positive and banish any horrible thoughts it is essential that you have people around you who support you. Not people who are critical and make you feel bad about yourself. So if you want to move forward with positive mental health, consider who you are around on a daily basis.


Remaining mindful alleviates any anxiety about past or future problems which have a significant quiver on our mental health. It is pointless worrying about things that have happened or that are going to happen. When you’re in the present, it is easier to remain positive and actually focus on what’s going on. If you ever feel yourself drifting, focus on what’s going on around you – especially your breath.

FullSizeRenderI just want to urge people, don’t let the stigma of an eating disorder or any mental health illness be a barrier to getting treatment. I understand the powerlessness and isolation of these secret battles. I was in a career I despised, anxious and extremely bulimic, if I can crawl back up I believe anyone can. You are only as sick as your secrets!

Always remember to be kind, you don’t know what battles people are going through.

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