Pampering at Pello with Aveda

My mum and I were invited to indulge in an Aveda Botanical hair treatment last Friday. I could not have imagined my weekend beginning better!
Pello is one of Ireland’s prestige Aveda salons, that carry an extensive range of these gorgeous paraben free products.
Before discussing my luxurious treatment I am going to talk about the background of Aveda products. These products are second to none! All Aveda products are derived from natural ingredients (even the hair colour is 96% natural). It is so enlightening to know that these products are completely natural as opposed to all the  chemicals we smother our body in. The herbal scent that the Aveda products have is unique. Aveda are major advocates for the protection of our environment. The mission at Aveda is to be respectful of our surroundings while also making clients feel beautiful inside and out! To celebrate Aveda Earth Month, the staff at Pello along with their clients will be participating in a 6K on May 2nd. All contributions from the fundraiser will go towards Aveda Earth Month. This 6K walk reflects the average distance that females and children walk daily in developing countries in the search for clean water 😔. This is an amazing cause and guaranteed to be an exciting day for all.
Now on to the fun part 😉 .The treatment is applied to my hair and immediately I am overwhelmed by the relaxing aroma that came from the concoction. The moisturizing tonic which is composed of pomegranate removes excess product from the scalp while adding life back into my dry locks. The technique which massages the treatment into the hair is phenomenal. I had a hot towel applied on three different intervals during the process.
While the treatment absorbed into my hair, I received an amazing hand massage using Aveda products. Admittedly, each time I visit Pello, I am falling more in love with this complimentary treatment. It is definitely the icing on the cake 😊 . The herbal tonic was then rinsed from my hair and I received a gorgeous curly blow-dry. My hair was gleaming with luminosity and looked extremely healthy.
There we were relaxed, pampered and with glowing hair ready to take on the weekend!
The service at Pello Hair is really delivered with a smile. I have never encountered such a friendly team. Every time I visit the salon I receive princess treatment. I have used and abused my hair in the past and now thanks to Aveda products and the team at Pello it is finally coming back into order. If you hair is lacking that oomph I definitely recommend this treatment. You will leave feeling like Rapunzel!

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