NYX Contour & Highlight Pro Palette

As someone who has a face as round as a football, I am constantly searching for the the perfect contouring products. I switch between cream and powder products in the search for cheekbones similar to Maleficent 🙂 .

I have been lusting over this NYX palette for a while and now it is finally under my reign 🙂 .This is a versatile palette that can create an abundance of different looks – it has so many options whether you prefer a matte highlight in preference to a sparkle highlight or a really dramatic contour! It contains four highlight powders and four contour powders. All powders in the palette can be purchased in refillable pans which is extremely convenient.


Highlight powders

Ice Queen – This is a gorgeous pearl white shade. This colour in the inner corner of the eye makes your peepers pop!  It also looks fab above the cupids bow. I find when I highlight my cheekbones with it, it appears ashy because my skin tone is too dark 🙁 .  Pale beauty’s could use this as a cheekbone highlight if you adore that strong, sparkly glow.

Soft Light – This is the perfect nude, that has a satin finish. It’s great for highlighting if you dislike shimmer. The finish provides a nice glow to any area that needs brightening .

Cream – I finally have a yellow powder YAY 🙂 . I cannot explain how much I adore this colour for setting under the eyes. My face definitely looks brighter after I apply this. This is a stunning powder if you are in search for the perfect banana shade.

Nectar – The final highlight shade has a soft shimmer that provides a gorgeous glow to the skin. It’s extremely wearable so you won’t resemble a disco ball. A light coating over the cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose illuminates the skin beautifully.


Tan – This powder has slightly red undertones so it’s perfect for contouring olive skin tones. I adore it for contouring my forehead as it warms my skin and gives me that summer glow. It also doubles up as an eye shadow for a smokey sunset eye.

Toffee – This is a true neutral brown. This would be an amazing bronzer for any skin tone. When I first glanced at this colour I saw shimmer and immediately began panicking, but fortunately the shimmer doesn’t shift to the skin. It just provides a gorgeous subtle sheen minus chunky glitter particles. Phew!

Sculpt – This contour colour had cool undertones. This would be perfect for an everyday contour powder for all skin tones. It blended beautifully into the skin. This colour is a brilliant addition to any makeup kit.

Hollow – This is the darkest brown. I use this colour for contouring my cheekbones when I want to look like I could cut my enemies with my cheekbones 🙂 . It provides an extremely dramatic look on my medium skin tone.


Every shade is extremely pigmented so being light-handed is essential (unless you are Ru Paul 🙂 ). I like to use duo-fiber brushes because it seems I have hands that are as heavy as lead 🙂 . I mix and match between different shades depending on the look I am creating, and I even use each powder as an eye-shadow.

On the whole, this is a valuable addition to your makeup stash. This palette will strip you of €25.00 so it is a steal for the amount of product you are getting. If you are on the contouring and highlighting train at the moment, this is definitely something to invest in.

Contour powders – Tan, Toffee, Sculpt, Hollow. Highlight powders – Ice Queen, Soft Light, Cream, Nectar.

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