My Inglot Eye Shadows

I have quite a hefty eye shadow collection. My collection mainly focuses on MAC but lately I have been extremely tempted by Inglot eye shadows and their extensive range of colours and textures.

I was first exposed to this fabulous brand while holidaying in Poland. Needless to say I was like a deer exposed to headlights when I first entered the Inglot store! There is an abundance of products and vibrant colours groping you. I picked up a few products excluding eye shadows as I convinced myself I do not need anymore!

A few weeks ago while in Dundrum I gave into temptation and purchased my first Inglot eye shadow palette. How wrong was I telling myself I do not need more?! I opted for colours that I thought varied from my current collection. The empty palette, which will hold 10 eye shadows, is €14.00 and each individual eye shadow is €6.00. Personally I thought this was an amazing price for highly pigmented shadows.

The freedom palettes are empty so you can mix and match your own choice of colours. The palettes are also extremely versatile as any Inglot freedom product can be stored in them – this ranges from eye shadow, lipstick to  blush. The front cover of the freedom palettes are magnetized and extremely sturdy so there’s no fear of your beloved products getting exposed.

The Inglot eye shadow collection has various different finishes. I loved them all equally and thought each one had wonderful colour payoff.


The selection of colours are amazing especially for the affordable price tag. I couldn’t recommend these shadows enough. Regrettably, I now think I am addicted to Inglot eye shadows 😀

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