My Golden Goddess Products

I am a tan goddess. A golden (ahem dark) glow is my trademark! I am always on the scope for the ‘perfect tan’ so I am constantly experimenting. I would have a natural base tan throughout the year, but I always like to enhance it. I decided to compile a list of my holy grail tanning products, especially as we enter into those sunnier days.

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse (Dark)

I believe this product is a total revolution to the beauty market. I apply a blob of the mousse to my tanning mitt and begin the tanning procedure. It is so easy to work with and dries instantly. My skin is always a gorgeous golden shade when I apply it. There is  no chance that this tan can be applied streaky due to the rich tinted colour. What I adore most about this tan, is that you can pop into the shower after one hour – this is particularly convenient if you have impromptu plans. Even after you shower it off after the hour, the tan continues to develop for a further three hours – amazing!!!! I get an abundance of full body applications from one bottle, so it is extremely purse-friendly (€7.95). Also, the striking pink packaging is fab! This is a stunning product for both the tan novice and tan expert.

Vita Liberata NKD SKN Tinted Tan Mousse (Dark)

I applied this tan a little haphazardly on the first application. I think this was because of the terrifying dark shade that comes out of the bottle. Similar to Cocoa Brown, this tan develops in one hour. I think this is a desirable characteristic in a tanning product. The two day tanning regime pre a night out is now obsolete 😕 . This tan faded beautifully minus the patchiness and skin peeling tendencies that the majority of tans have. Also, this tan is completely odorless, always a plus not smelling like Chinese food 🙂 . Despite my apprehension, the tan didn’t leave me looking mahogany, it developed into a beautiful golden glow. This tan can be purchased for €15.00 but the bottle has numerous full body applications.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Self-tanning dry body mist

This tan is trial and error as it is transparent going on the skin but once you master the technique it’s extremely easy to work with. I loved the convenience of this tan. I could apply it and be cuddled in my bed five minutes later as the tan dries instantly. This tan provides a subtle glow if you like an attractive glimmer. The fruity smell of this tan also awakens my memories of summer 🙂 . This tan does take 6+ hours to develop so I would recommend applying it before bed.


Chanel Soleil Indentité ‘Golden’

This is honestly one of the nicest facial self-tanners I have used ever! I use this in the shade ‘Golden’. I just apply it like a facial moisturizer and within a few hours a gorgeous  glow develops. The properties of this facial tan are phenomenal. It is so hydrating that I don’t even apply my normal moisturizer underneath (I always apply a serum though as tan is drying). I would usually apply two applications to get my desired colour. I apply the white cream to my face with a clean foundation brush. This comes with a hefty price tag of €37, but it is worth it. If you are searching for a natural facial tan with skin benefits, I can assure you this is it!

St.Tropez Anti-Ageing Gradual Tan

I adore this facial tan. It doesn’t leave my face feeling dehydrated like the majority of facial tans do. It is an extremely light colour so I would suggest layering the tan until you reach the desired colour. It provides a healthy glow, which people will definitely notice. This may be reliant on the anti-aging ingredients, as the skin appears firmer and plumped. I switch between this facial tan and the Chanel.


Victoria Secret Rockin’ Body Leg Shine

This is my faithful comrade for summer days and nights out. It is a roll on product that provides the skin with a gorgeous luminosity. Even when I apply it, I feel like a VS angel ready to hit the runway 🙂 . I apply it to all areas of my body, especially if I want them to glow. It blurs any nasty imperfections. Also, the packaging will look amazing sitting on your dressing table (YES, I am sad like that 😉 ).  Unfortunately, this little gem does have a dark side 🙁 . DO NOT WEAR WHITE! Don’t look at white, don’t touch white, don’t even think about white! This will turn any white garment into a streaky mess. It is messy, but personally I think it’s totally worth it.

Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess

This is a perfect addition to your tanning routine as it is extremely versatile. It can be used with or without a base tan, it can be applied to a large area with a tanning mitt and it can be used as a highlighter on the face. It dries quickly and won’t leave those undesirable streaks on clothes. I would be quite tanned naturally throughout the year so I use this treasure religiously when I’m flaunting any skin to enhance my glow!


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