Giving up your sins

I hope you all enjoyed copious amounts of pancakes layered with nutella! Now as we enter Lent, we all vow for the next forty days and nights we’ll give up everything that grants us pleasure in our lives – alcohol, chocolate, spending a hefty amount of money on makeup you do not need *cough*. Some individuals pledge that they will detox their life after all good routines were thrown to the gutter post January. Lent doesn’t have to be a time that you forbid yourself things, it can be an opportunity to start positive daily habits.


Throughout these past number of months I have altered many aspects of my life and incorporated these little positive alterations into my daily routine. I started my journey to recovery, I completely altered my career path and I eliminated all toxic people/situations from my life. I feel like I am totally content with each unit of my life but lent is just a gentle reminder to keep travelling on this path.

Here are my pointers on detoxing 😀


Clearing your mind from all stress and toxic thoughts will have a positive effect on the body. The morning is the best time to do meditation. It will be a difficult routine to begin with as the busyness of your day will weigh on you – but it will be worth it. It ensures you have a peaceful mind for the day ahead.

Saying Goodbyeeeeee to people pleasing tendencies

I am an extremely accommodating person and tend to abandon my own happiness to ensure those around me are content. This involves going to parties I’ve no interest in or scheduling a dinner date when I really just want to embrace a warm bubble bath. Throughout these next forty days I am going to acknowledge I can’t please everyone and that is totally okay! ”NO” is a complete sentence, no excuses, no giving up your own desires, no attending events that you really want to flake on. Never say yes when inside you’re saying no.

Dry body brushing

By keeping the pores open the buildup of toxins can be released. I do this ritual daily prior to my morning shower. Body brushing stimulates blood flow and removes any dead skin cells (especially if you have been splashing on the tan). The brush motions should move towards your heart so it is in sync with the normal lymphatic flow.

Record your thoughts 

This detox tip seems extremely old skool, but trust me is works! Since the beginning of time every young girl had a beloved diary. By jotting down thoughts and feelings in a journal you are cleansing both your body and mind. It can serve as a tool for self-reflection and physiological purification. Also by writing down certain feelings your mental well-being will greatly improve. I find that it helps me form a better connection with myself.

Get your greens

Leafy green vegetables are amazing at detoxing the body as they are packed with chlorophyll (this pigment aids the cleansing of the digestive tract). These little saviors also work wonders on your skin. Four days a week I incorporate a green smoothie into my daily diet. I pack kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley and a green apple into my blender and voila! You can also buy these smoothies prepared in various health food stores if your’e looking for the easy alternative.

These are just my detox habits, but do what works for your lifestyle. Ultimately just do what makes you feel good about yourself <3 Everyday is a new opportunity to improve your life and start new rituals.


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