Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself

I’m always ranting on about how to love your body and cherish your flaws. And undoubtedly it’s easier said than done. You see people around you embracing their bodies but you continue to hide under that baggy jumper 🙁 .

Are there instructions on how to love yourself? Can I find a tutorial on YouTube? Unfortunately no, it’s not that simple (what in life is 😮 ). How do you love your body when you find it difficult to look in the mirror without getting anxious? Loving yourself does not happen over night, I wish it wasn’t but it’s a long, sometimes difficult process. It’s a lifelong journey. You’ve been criticising yourself for so long so you have to change that negative mindset. It’s waking up everyday and realising this is the one body you have. It’s wearing what makes you feel good and not what’s “on trend”. It’s not comparing yourself to anyone.

When I was at my lowest with body image I’d do anything to berate myself. Reminiscing it’s so sad that the only way I felt was to stick my fingers down my throat.

When I changed my perspective here are a few tips that helped me.

♥ Acceptance before love.
This seems mental right? But you’ve been hating, criticising and complaining about your body for so long you can’t just wake up and instantly love it. First, accept it. Personally, I hated my arms (and I still struggle with them today) so I wasn’t going to automatically start loving them. But I grew to accept them. I have big boobs so sometimes my arms can look chunky (or maybe it’s in my head). These are the only pair of arms I’m ever going to get so I better start accepting them and in time love them 🙂 .

♥ You’re not plastic.
I used to think why did I have such large open pores, why did I have cellulite on my bum, why did my tummy have little rolls when I sat down? Every little thing that I could criticise, I did. But I was comparing myself to airbrushed females in magazines, music videos and online. In reality, those girls didn’t even look like that. Stop trying to attain perfection, it’s tiresome and guaranteed you’ll lose a chunk of your life. Your lumps, bumps, scars and dimples are part of you.

♥ Negative people bring negative energy.
The people you spend your time with have an impact on how you view yourself. Yes we all go through dark patches and hard times but we don’t turn into a negative person because of this. To help ourselves be more positive we have to stop wasting time on people who bring us down. It’s not that we have to be around positive people 24/7 (because who is upbeat all the damn time 😛 ) but we need to be around people who make us feel good about ourselves. Love yourself enough to distance yourself from those who dim your light 😉 .

♥ Checking yourself will wreck yourself.
Constantly jumping on and off the scales will put you through mental anguish. I haven’t weighed myself in nearly
two years and I’m much happier for it. If you’re mood is affected by weighing yourself (which it shouldn’t be), get rid of it. If you do want to achieve a certain body, train for the feel good factor and not a number on the scale.

Never ever let anyone tell you that you have to look a certain way to love yourself. Stick a middle finger up to society’s idea of ‘perfection’. I’ve still a long way to go and an abundance of negative habits to unlearn, but self-love is a journey – and it’s a journey I’m glad I’m on ❤️

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