NYX Contour & Highlight Pro Palette

As someone who has a face as round as a football, I am constantly searching for the the perfect contouring products. I switch between cream and powder products in the search for cheekbones similar to Maleficent 🙂 .

I have been lusting over this NYX palette for a while and now it is finally under my reign 🙂 .This is a versatile palette that can create an abundance of different looks – it has so many options whether you prefer a matte highlight in preference to a sparkle highlight or a really dramatic contour! It contains four highlight powders and four contour powders. All powders in the palette can be purchased in refillable pans which is extremely convenient.


Highlight powders

Ice Queen – This is a gorgeous pearl white shade. This colour in the inner corner of the eye makes your peepers pop!  It also looks fab above the cupids bow. I find when I highlight my cheekbones with it, it appears ashy because my skin tone is too dark 🙁 .  Pale beauty’s could use this as a cheekbone highlight if you adore that strong, sparkly glow.

Soft Light – This is the perfect nude, that has a satin finish. It’s great for highlighting if you dislike shimmer. The finish provides a nice glow to any area that needs brightening .

Cream – I finally have a yellow powder YAY 🙂 . I cannot explain how much I adore this colour for setting under the eyes. My face definitely looks brighter after I apply this. This is a stunning powder if you are in search for the perfect banana shade.

Nectar – The final highlight shade has a soft shimmer that provides a gorgeous glow to the skin. It’s extremely wearable so you won’t resemble a disco ball. A light coating over the cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose illuminates the skin beautifully.


Tan – This powder has slightly red undertones so it’s perfect for contouring olive skin tones. I adore it for contouring my forehead as it warms my skin and gives me that summer glow. It also doubles up as an eye shadow for a smokey sunset eye.

Toffee – This is a true neutral brown. This would be an amazing bronzer for any skin tone. When I first glanced at this colour I saw shimmer and immediately began panicking, but fortunately the shimmer doesn’t shift to the skin. It just provides a gorgeous subtle sheen minus chunky glitter particles. Phew!

Sculpt – This contour colour had cool undertones. This would be perfect for an everyday contour powder for all skin tones. It blended beautifully into the skin. This colour is a brilliant addition to any makeup kit.

Hollow – This is the darkest brown. I use this colour for contouring my cheekbones when I want to look like I could cut my enemies with my cheekbones 🙂 . It provides an extremely dramatic look on my medium skin tone.


Every shade is extremely pigmented so being light-handed is essential (unless you are Ru Paul 🙂 ). I like to use duo-fiber brushes because it seems I have hands that are as heavy as lead 🙂 . I mix and match between different shades depending on the look I am creating, and I even use each powder as an eye-shadow.

On the whole, this is a valuable addition to your makeup stash. This palette will strip you of €25.00 so it is a steal for the amount of product you are getting. If you are on the contouring and highlighting train at the moment, this is definitely something to invest in.

Contour powders – Tan, Toffee, Sculpt, Hollow. Highlight powders – Ice Queen, Soft Light, Cream, Nectar.

Cleaning my babies!

Cleaning makeup brushes is one of those tedious tasks I dread. I tend to leave all my brushes until my entire collection resemble the colours of the rainbow! I attempt to give a brisk wash after each use with Freedom ‘Brush Cleanser’. This product is extremely affordable (£5.00 from Superdrug) and convenient, but nothing beats the ritual of deep cleansing brushes (especially when MAC ‘Rule’ is your faithful daily colour 😕 ).

Freedom ‘Pro Studio antibacterial Brush Shower’

I have been searching for varying cleansing methods that do not leave any residue of product on my beloved babies <3 . After many experimental trials (and foundation stained towels) I think I have the perfect combination.

  • Coconut oil – this product is a gem, I honestly use it for everything from cooking to skincare.
  • Baby shampoo
  • Exfoliating glove


Step One

I first melt the coconut oil into a liquid by heating it for a few seconds in the microwave. Then, I massage the oil into the bristles of the brush to break down the product. The coconut oil will also condition the brush fibers.

Step Two

Once the makeup brushes are covered in oil, I then add one – two drops of baby shampoo. I add this to rinse out any excess product. Baby shampoo is the best option as it is extremely gentle. I use warm water to make a lather.

Step Three

Pop the exfoliating mitt on one hand and massage the brush around in circular motions. The rough texture of the mitt will ensure no product will be left. RINSE THOROUGHLY! I find this method with the exfoliating mitt is extremely convenient as opposed to using just hands. *Tip* always, always, always have the brush facing down during the cleansing process. If water gets into the ferrule the glue may be softened and the brush head could detach 🙁 .

Step Four

Then, place the brushes on a towel placed on a flat surface and let them dry for 24 hours. Brushes will get damaged if they are placed facing up in a brush holder before they are fully dry.

Easy Peasy 🙂 

Now that the brushes are squeaky clean the face painting process can commence again!




My Golden Goddess Products

I am a tan goddess. A golden (ahem dark) glow is my trademark! I am always on the scope for the ‘perfect tan’ so I am constantly experimenting. I would have a natural base tan throughout the year, but I always like to enhance it. I decided to compile a list of my holy grail tanning products, especially as we enter into those sunnier days.

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse (Dark)

I believe this product is a total revolution to the beauty market. I apply a blob of the mousse to my tanning mitt and begin the tanning procedure. It is so easy to work with and dries instantly. My skin is always a gorgeous golden shade when I apply it. There is  no chance that this tan can be applied streaky due to the rich tinted colour. What I adore most about this tan, is that you can pop into the shower after one hour – this is particularly convenient if you have impromptu plans. Even after you shower it off after the hour, the tan continues to develop for a further three hours – amazing!!!! I get an abundance of full body applications from one bottle, so it is extremely purse-friendly (€7.95). Also, the striking pink packaging is fab! This is a stunning product for both the tan novice and tan expert.

Vita Liberata NKD SKN Tinted Tan Mousse (Dark)

I applied this tan a little haphazardly on the first application. I think this was because of the terrifying dark shade that comes out of the bottle. Similar to Cocoa Brown, this tan develops in one hour. I think this is a desirable characteristic in a tanning product. The two day tanning regime pre a night out is now obsolete 😕 . This tan faded beautifully minus the patchiness and skin peeling tendencies that the majority of tans have. Also, this tan is completely odorless, always a plus not smelling like Chinese food 🙂 . Despite my apprehension, the tan didn’t leave me looking mahogany, it developed into a beautiful golden glow. This tan can be purchased for €15.00 but the bottle has numerous full body applications.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Self-tanning dry body mist

This tan is trial and error as it is transparent going on the skin but once you master the technique it’s extremely easy to work with. I loved the convenience of this tan. I could apply it and be cuddled in my bed five minutes later as the tan dries instantly. This tan provides a subtle glow if you like an attractive glimmer. The fruity smell of this tan also awakens my memories of summer 🙂 . This tan does take 6+ hours to develop so I would recommend applying it before bed.


Chanel Soleil Indentité ‘Golden’

This is honestly one of the nicest facial self-tanners I have used ever! I use this in the shade ‘Golden’. I just apply it like a facial moisturizer and within a few hours a gorgeous  glow develops. The properties of this facial tan are phenomenal. It is so hydrating that I don’t even apply my normal moisturizer underneath (I always apply a serum though as tan is drying). I would usually apply two applications to get my desired colour. I apply the white cream to my face with a clean foundation brush. This comes with a hefty price tag of €37, but it is worth it. If you are searching for a natural facial tan with skin benefits, I can assure you this is it!

St.Tropez Anti-Ageing Gradual Tan

I adore this facial tan. It doesn’t leave my face feeling dehydrated like the majority of facial tans do. It is an extremely light colour so I would suggest layering the tan until you reach the desired colour. It provides a healthy glow, which people will definitely notice. This may be reliant on the anti-aging ingredients, as the skin appears firmer and plumped. I switch between this facial tan and the Chanel.


Victoria Secret Rockin’ Body Leg Shine

This is my faithful comrade for summer days and nights out. It is a roll on product that provides the skin with a gorgeous luminosity. Even when I apply it, I feel like a VS angel ready to hit the runway 🙂 . I apply it to all areas of my body, especially if I want them to glow. It blurs any nasty imperfections. Also, the packaging will look amazing sitting on your dressing table (YES, I am sad like that 😉 ).  Unfortunately, this little gem does have a dark side 🙁 . DO NOT WEAR WHITE! Don’t look at white, don’t touch white, don’t even think about white! This will turn any white garment into a streaky mess. It is messy, but personally I think it’s totally worth it.

Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess

This is a perfect addition to your tanning routine as it is extremely versatile. It can be used with or without a base tan, it can be applied to a large area with a tanning mitt and it can be used as a highlighter on the face. It dries quickly and won’t leave those undesirable streaks on clothes. I would be quite tanned naturally throughout the year so I use this treasure religiously when I’m flaunting any skin to enhance my glow!


My Skincare Routine

I am constantly on the lookout for new skincare products. I believe good skin sets the base for a flawless makeup application. My morning and evening cleansing routine is like a solemn ceremony that I am devoted to.

My skin is combination to oily. I don’t have any major skin conditions, but hormones can create havoc on my beloved skin at certain times of the month *questions gender* 🙁 ! There’s not a great deal that can be done to prevent this besides remaining stress free and drinking copious amounts of water.

Morning skincare regime

As I am usually in a rush to leave the house in the morning I try to make my morning routine speedy.

  • I cleanse with Soap & Glory ‘Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk’. Honestly, I could spoon this into my mouth it smells so divine. It is designed to melt away makeup but personally I don’t like using it for that. The creamy texture is easy to work with and leaves skin looking radiant. DO NOT get this in your eyes, it feels like Satan is burning you for all your sins!  This is for all skin types and is a steal at €8.49.
  • I then spray Shu Uemura ‘Depsea Water’ in mint mist on my face to tone it after cleansing. It enriches the skin with amazing minerals. This product looks suspiciously useless but it is the furthermost thing from! It is definitely a cult product with an abundance of uses.
  • I then moisturize my skin with Shiseido ‘Ibuki Enriched Refining Moisturizer’. I use this both morning and evening. It doesn’t make my skin oily, it just provides a nice level of moisture to my skin. This is a well-rounded moisturizer.

Sweet and simple 😀image

Nighttime skincare regime

  • Each night I use Garnier ‘Micellar Water’ to remove my makeup. I have tried various brands of micellar water but this is my ultimate fave. It doesn’t leave any residue on my skin or leave my skin feeling tight which I found with the majority of other brands.
  • I then cleanse using my Clarisonic paired with Lush ‘Dark Angels Cleanser’. These two products paired together are an amazing duo. Since investing in the Clarisonic I am amazed at how much my skin has improved. This cleanser leaves skin feeling extremely soft. It is especially good if you are prone to those nasty hormonal spots. The only downside is that it’s very messy and I look like I’ve been sleeping in a coal bunker, but hey all in the name of beauty :P.
  • In the evening I use a different toner. I use Shiseido ‘Ibuki Softening Concentrate’. I love the hydration it adds back into my skin after cleansing.
  • Sometimes if my skin is playing up I will use Nip + Fab ‘Glycolic Fix Nightpads’ as a gentle exfoliation. I love this range for problematic skin.
  • I then apply a serum. As I’m putting mileage on my clock I have started using an anti-aging serum. I switch between Clarins ‘Double Serum’ and Estee Lauder ‘Advanced Night Reapir’. Both serums are fab!
  • I only apply eye cream at night as I feel it makes my makeup slide when I use it in the morning. I feel it is important to look after those peepers so investing in a good eye cream is essential. Currently, I am using Emma Hardie ‘Age Support Eye Cream’. It is imperative not to apply eye cream too close to the actual eyeball as milia could form.
  • I then apply my moisturizer (the same cream as used in my morning regime).


Masks, Scrubs and Peels.

  • Two nights a week I will use Glamglow ‘Supermud’. This is definitely an investment, I am getting everyone hooked on this cult product!
  • Once a week I will use a chemical peel. This clears my pores and prevents scarring from any recent, nasty spots.
  • If I’ve had a late night I will use Glamglow ‘Brightmud Eye Treatment’. I find that these little gems hydrate around my eyes and leave me looking revived in just three minutes.image

I believe by taking care of your skin and using good products it will definitely pay off.

A hidden gem – Beauty at the Lodge

I adore eyelashes. I honestly believe lushes lashes totally transform a person. I like to experiment with all the varieties that are on the market and try different salons that offer the treatment.

I have always heard amazing reviews about Beauty at the Lodge so I booked myself in for the semi-permanent mink eyelash treatment. The salon has a rural location which is perfect (especially if you are having an intimate treatment).

On arrival, the first thing I noticed was the tranquil ambiance. I was met with this gorgeous aroma.  It was like stepping into a dream as I glanced at the luxurious salon decor.

I opted to go for dramatic mink eye lashes, but the beautician will customize the lash to meet your individual requirements. I was cuddled in a warm blanket and the next thing I remember was drifting to dreamland. My beautician was amazing and extremely gentle. It can be claustrophobic to consciously have your eyes closed for two hours, but I was so relaxed I didn’t even notice. I came away with the most perfect, voluminous eyelashes. This salon was the best experience I have ever had with the mink eyelash treatment. It was pure luxury from beginning to end.

My overall result – STUNNING! Four weeks on from the treatment and my eyelashes were still fluttering like butterflies on a spring day!

Beauty at the Lodge have specialized treatments and use renowned brands such as Guinot. The salon offers an extensive range of treatments that would leave anyone feeling rejuvenated. If you want to step away feeling a princess, I couldn’t recommend this salon more.image

My Inglot Eye Shadows

I have quite a hefty eye shadow collection. My collection mainly focuses on MAC but lately I have been extremely tempted by Inglot eye shadows and their extensive range of colours and textures.

I was first exposed to this fabulous brand while holidaying in Poland. Needless to say I was like a deer exposed to headlights when I first entered the Inglot store! There is an abundance of products and vibrant colours groping you. I picked up a few products excluding eye shadows as I convinced myself I do not need anymore!

A few weeks ago while in Dundrum I gave into temptation and purchased my first Inglot eye shadow palette. How wrong was I telling myself I do not need more?! I opted for colours that I thought varied from my current collection. The empty palette, which will hold 10 eye shadows, is €14.00 and each individual eye shadow is €6.00. Personally I thought this was an amazing price for highly pigmented shadows.

The freedom palettes are empty so you can mix and match your own choice of colours. The palettes are also extremely versatile as any Inglot freedom product can be stored in them – this ranges from eye shadow, lipstick to  blush. The front cover of the freedom palettes are magnetized and extremely sturdy so there’s no fear of your beloved products getting exposed.

The Inglot eye shadow collection has various different finishes. I loved them all equally and thought each one had wonderful colour payoff.


The selection of colours are amazing especially for the affordable price tag. I couldn’t recommend these shadows enough. Regrettably, I now think I am addicted to Inglot eye shadows 😀

My island survival beauty products

I am a self-confessed beauty vamp! I adore experimenting with different cosmetics and products – but there are a few holy grail products that made me stop playing the field. These are the products I’ve fallen eternally in love with (and I’ll gladly introduce to my mother!)

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle 

This is my signature scent. I wear this scent with pride everyday and have for years. I use every single product in this range from the body moisture to the hair mist. It is a timeless light scent that isn’t overpowering.


Naked Eye-shadow Palette 1

I have the three naked eye-shadow palettes but my old reliable is the original. I use all these shades equally and the best thing is that they all compliment each other. Also, if you are an avid traveler you need this in your life. I pop it in my luggage and that’s my day and evening eye makeup looks sorted. This palette definitely adds intensity to neutral colours.



There are no words that explain how much I love this. Each night I use it after I remove my makeup. My face feels like I’ve just had a facial. When I did start using this, I had a purging period which was all the toxins being removed from my skin. This is expensive, but definitely an investment.


Mac 109 Brush

I possess three of these brushes and I am not even ashamed of how crazy that sounds. It is a complete multi-purpose tool. I apply mineral foundation with one. The next one does my contour. The other does my blush. Not one bit crazy! I think I just used this brush and totally fell in love. But if you’re looking for an all rounder, this is it.

Mac 109


I have tried to love other face masks but none made the cut. I use the supermud clearing option and it is just fabulous! After using this my skin feels incredibly soft and healthy. This face mask is worth the splurge.


Mac Peaches Blush

This was my first Mac blush and it still remains a staple in my kit. It is a gorgeous sheer peach tone that looks super natural, especially when you have a tan. The buildable nature of this product won’t leave you looking like Bosco! It also holds the same name as my deceased, beloved ginger feline. So when I apply it daily, it reminds me of him <3.


Carmex Lip Balm

I am addicted to matte lipsticks. This addiction is perfectly fine until the formula begins to dry out my pout. Due to this it is essential I use a good lip balm. I love trying different balms but admittedly the majority on the market just have nice packaging and that’s about the height of it! I adore the carmex with a hint of mint. It is extremely moisturizing and I adore the tingling sensation of the mint. It provides a sheer shine which makes me feel glam going to dreamland!


Nip + Fab Glycolic instant fix mask REVIEW

I used the Glycolic Fix pads and Glycolic cleanser from this brand before. I was highly impressed so opted to experiment with the Glycolic instant fix mask when my holy grail glamglow finished. Embarrassingly enough I was swayed by the fact Kylie Jenner raves about this product (as if this is all she uses to achieve that flawless finish 😉 ). I bought this product on offer in Superdrug for £11.50.


The instructions stated to apply a thin layer on clean, dry skin for ten minutes. I was shocked to see the mask was a clear gel. After I applied the mask to my skin I experienced a slight tingling. I convinced myself that this was due to the presence of Glycolic acid. I compulsively checked the clock to see if the time was up so I could remove the mask as it felt extremely uncomfortable. I usually view the application of a face mask as a pampering treatment. I washed the mask off with warm water. Admittedly, my skin looked soft and clear but there was small red blotches dispersed over my face. After a moment of sheer panic the blotches began to subside. My skin definitely felt tighter. I then proceeded to apply my night regime of products.


The next morning my skin was glowing!!!


This mask is a no-fuss pick me up. I would suggest using it no more than once a week as irritation may occur. It definitely is for oily/combination skin, I would avoid at all costs if your skin is anyway dehydrated or sensitive.


I liked this mask but I didn’t love it. I have repurchased my almighty glamglow and it will still remain at the front of my vanity shelf.