Be kind…… yourself!

”You are amazing, you are good enough, you are worth it”.

One of the best things you can do daily is be kind to yourself! Life becomes uncomplicated and relationships improve. Ultimately life will be bliss.

Although I am a kind person, I always neglected myself regarding kindness. I always felt guilty about self-compassion. By practising these little tips and tricks each day I’ve became happier and my self-esteem has grown enormously.

I love you <3

The majority of people are convinced that in order to be lovable, goals must be accomplished. This may be cooking a delicious meal, achieving high grades or receiving a promotion. All of these things must be done in order to be lovable! FALSE! 
Everyone deserves love and affection. If family, friends, partners are critical towards you do not let this influence the perception of yourself.
Your mistakes, successes and goals do not define you.
”I love you” say it to yourself! Say it in the morning. Say it when you are feeling criticized. Say it always.
Love is essential for self compassion.

Say what?!

Always listen to your emotions. If these emotions are suppressed they will fester inside us. Unconsciously these suppressed emotions will affect us throughout daily lives.
I never addressed any of the emotions I developed when people were critical towards me. I didn’t realise how the criticism made me feel, I just strived to improve myself each time. To get over this need for appraisal from others I had to realise how the criticism made me feel. I had to allow all the suffering to vent in order to heal the pain.
Instead of suppressing these emotions learn to be kind to yourself and work through it. Do people still criticise me? Yes. Do I let it bother me? No.

Appreciate yourself. Set aside 15 minutes to appreciate certain things about yourself. Make this a daily ritual. It can be as insignificant as going for a jog or remembering to water your flowers! As long as you are conveying gratitude. We should not just appreciate ourselves when we achieve goals or reach milestones, the little things matter too.


Thank yourself! Thank yourself for never giving up! Thank yourself for striving through difficult times! Thank yourself for coping!


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