My island survival beauty products

I am a self-confessed beauty vamp! I adore experimenting with different cosmetics and products – but there are a few holy grail products that made me stop playing the field. These are the products I’ve fallen eternally in love with (and I’ll gladly introduce to my mother!)

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle 

This is my signature scent. I wear this scent with pride everyday and have for years. I use every single product in this range from the body moisture to the hair mist. It is a timeless light scent that isn’t overpowering.


Naked Eye-shadow Palette 1

I have the three naked eye-shadow palettes but my old reliable is the original. I use all these shades equally and the best thing is that they all compliment each other. Also, if you are an avid traveler you need this in your life. I pop it in my luggage and that’s my day and evening eye makeup looks sorted. This palette definitely adds intensity to neutral colours.



There are no words that explain how much I love this. Each night I use it after I remove my makeup. My face feels like I’ve just had a facial. When I did start using this, I had a purging period which was all the toxins being removed from my skin. This is expensive, but definitely an investment.


Mac 109 Brush

I possess three of these brushes and I am not even ashamed of how crazy that sounds. It is a complete multi-purpose tool. I apply mineral foundation with one. The next one does my contour. The other does my blush. Not one bit crazy! I think I just used this brush and totally fell in love. But if you’re looking for an all rounder, this is it.

Mac 109


I have tried to love other face masks but none made the cut. I use the supermud clearing option and it is just fabulous! After using this my skin feels incredibly soft and healthy. This face mask is worth the splurge.


Mac Peaches Blush

This was my first Mac blush and it still remains a staple in my kit. It is a gorgeous sheer peach tone that looks super natural, especially when you have a tan. The buildable nature of this product won’t leave you looking like Bosco! It also holds the same name as my deceased, beloved ginger feline. So when I apply it daily, it reminds me of him <3.


Carmex Lip Balm

I am addicted to matte lipsticks. This addiction is perfectly fine until the formula begins to dry out my pout. Due to this it is essential I use a good lip balm. I love trying different balms but admittedly the majority on the market just have nice packaging and that’s about the height of it! I adore the carmex with a hint of mint. It is extremely moisturizing and I adore the tingling sensation of the mint. It provides a sheer shine which makes me feel glam going to dreamland!


People are like oxygen masks, You cannot help anyone until you help yourself!

So, I have been in this abusive relationship for far too long. Throughout this long term affair I was controlled and had my personal perception totally distorted. Oddly enough, this relationship was with myself.

It started out so simple, with the desire to tone up and eat healthy. Unfortunately, it manifested into this self-loathing battle with my inner demons. I began to skip meals. I then began going entire days without food. I went through months of restricting to a handful of calories per day. Then I started to encounter certain stressors in my life and these triggers made my disorder worse. This is where my story takes a more evil turn.
I ate to numb out my feelings. I ate to take my mind of stress. I ate to do something. My disorder had spiraled into this mountain that I couldn’t even attempt to climb!
I repulsed myself. I wouldn’t even wear shorts around my house due to the fear I may get a glimpse of myself in a mirror. I got to this dark place where I didn’t want to leave the house. I wanted to lounge in bed self-loathing all day, every day.
I was drowning in this plethora of perfectionism. I became a slave to this disorder, My thought pattern became so distorted that I thought if I gained a pound I couldn’t go anywhere. This included catching up with friends, daily chores, everything!
Nobody ever suspected that I was suffering. I was never a sickly thin frame with protruding bones. Nor did I have fat rolls bulging through my clothes. This conveys that eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes. The only thing they have in common is misery.
I either ate everything or ate nothing. The fear of having no control terrified me. When I think of my bulimia tricks they were absolutely absurd!!! The worst was when I would consume diuretics like a normal person would eat a packet of sweets. It felt like I was being consumed by an outer body experience.
Binge, cry, exercise, binge, cry, exercise! This was the vicious cycle I couldn’t escape.
My personality changed. I was no longer this bubbling ray of sunshine; I was a horrid, anxious mess. I lost interest in family, friends, hobbies and dreams. I became infatuated with food. I was so infatuated with losing weight I would spend my recreational time researching ‘diets’ or working out. My mind was fixated on my weight and nothing else. I despised any activity or hobby I previously adored.
Throughout these months of gloom I was experiencing anxiety attacks regularly. It was something I battled with since developing the disorder. This cloud of gloom had consumed me. I was lifeless, lonely and low. There was no escape and I felt totally worthless. I felt that I didn’t deserve happiness. So I shut out all potential joy – family-time, friendships, relationships, outings, everything!
I always had perfectionist tendencies. If I wasn’t the best, I must have been worthless. Any personal mistake or criticism from other people exacerbated my eating problems. I was drowning in my fear of failure.
I battled through this eating disorder by myself and finally managed to retrieve my zest for life. When you battle with this you truly figure out your genuine friends. The isolation was terrifying and some people didn’t even try to understand what I was experiencing.
I would urge anyone not to fight alone. It’s a dark, somber place. There is help available – avail of it.
The fear of failure is always something I will battle with. But by removing my mask and exposing my problems I am walking into freedom. You are only as sick as your secrets!
Recovery is like two steps froward and one step back. I don’t care as long as I am going forward in some way and being able to reclaim my happiness. Being able to sit down with my loved ones and thoroughly enjoy a family meal or go to lunch with friends without being anxious is something I really appreciate now.
A life with an eating disorder is not a life!

Nip + Fab Glycolic instant fix mask REVIEW

I used the Glycolic Fix pads and Glycolic cleanser from this brand before. I was highly impressed so opted to experiment with the Glycolic instant fix mask when my holy grail glamglow finished. Embarrassingly enough I was swayed by the fact Kylie Jenner raves about this product (as if this is all she uses to achieve that flawless finish 😉 ). I bought this product on offer in Superdrug for £11.50.


The instructions stated to apply a thin layer on clean, dry skin for ten minutes. I was shocked to see the mask was a clear gel. After I applied the mask to my skin I experienced a slight tingling. I convinced myself that this was due to the presence of Glycolic acid. I compulsively checked the clock to see if the time was up so I could remove the mask as it felt extremely uncomfortable. I usually view the application of a face mask as a pampering treatment. I washed the mask off with warm water. Admittedly, my skin looked soft and clear but there was small red blotches dispersed over my face. After a moment of sheer panic the blotches began to subside. My skin definitely felt tighter. I then proceeded to apply my night regime of products.


The next morning my skin was glowing!!!


This mask is a no-fuss pick me up. I would suggest using it no more than once a week as irritation may occur. It definitely is for oily/combination skin, I would avoid at all costs if your skin is anyway dehydrated or sensitive.


I liked this mask but I didn’t love it. I have repurchased my almighty glamglow and it will still remain at the front of my vanity shelf.

Be kind…… yourself!

”You are amazing, you are good enough, you are worth it”.

One of the best things you can do daily is be kind to yourself! Life becomes uncomplicated and relationships improve. Ultimately life will be bliss.

Although I am a kind person, I always neglected myself regarding kindness. I always felt guilty about self-compassion. By practising these little tips and tricks each day I’ve became happier and my self-esteem has grown enormously.

I love you <3

The majority of people are convinced that in order to be lovable, goals must be accomplished. This may be cooking a delicious meal, achieving high grades or receiving a promotion. All of these things must be done in order to be lovable! FALSE! 
Everyone deserves love and affection. If family, friends, partners are critical towards you do not let this influence the perception of yourself.
Your mistakes, successes and goals do not define you.
”I love you” say it to yourself! Say it in the morning. Say it when you are feeling criticized. Say it always.
Love is essential for self compassion.

Say what?!

Always listen to your emotions. If these emotions are suppressed they will fester inside us. Unconsciously these suppressed emotions will affect us throughout daily lives.
I never addressed any of the emotions I developed when people were critical towards me. I didn’t realise how the criticism made me feel, I just strived to improve myself each time. To get over this need for appraisal from others I had to realise how the criticism made me feel. I had to allow all the suffering to vent in order to heal the pain.
Instead of suppressing these emotions learn to be kind to yourself and work through it. Do people still criticise me? Yes. Do I let it bother me? No.

Appreciate yourself. Set aside 15 minutes to appreciate certain things about yourself. Make this a daily ritual. It can be as insignificant as going for a jog or remembering to water your flowers! As long as you are conveying gratitude. We should not just appreciate ourselves when we achieve goals or reach milestones, the little things matter too.


Thank yourself! Thank yourself for never giving up! Thank yourself for striving through difficult times! Thank yourself for coping!


Pamper me perfect!

I adore having some me time. After burning myself out both physically and emotionally I knew it was essential to make some precious time so that I could unwind. This pamper time allows me to reflect.  If you haven’t clocked out from the hustle and bustle of daily life I would definitely recommend it – as clichee as it sounds it totally puts a spring on your step!

I completely indulge in all things luxurious when I am pampering myself. I like to create the atmosphere by lighting a candle or scenting my room with a room spray. I am currently using a Jo Malone room spray (Pomegranate Noir).

It is essential that my pamper night kick-starts with a bath! Immersing yourself in a bath is a renowned cure for a catastrophic day – even scientific research has proved this! I like to add chamomile to my bath water. Just ten drops of this essential oil has a phenomenal calming effect on me. After lounging in the bath for a while I begin my pampering! I start by ex-foliating my body. At the moment I am using the smoothing body scrub by Zoella ‘Scrubbing me softly’. I LOVE this although my holy grail body scrub are the bath salts from Dead Sea Spa Magik. The smell, the texture, the result – these salts are just divine!

Once out of the bath and lounging in my fluffy dressing gown (plus an attractive hair turban)I smooth body lotion from neck to toe. I then begin my facial pampering. I cleanse using my Clarisonic Mia2 with Lush ‘Herbalism’ cleanser. When I first got my clarisonic I wasn’t too impressed with the hype, but now I am obsessed. I then lather the illustrious Glamglow ‘Supermud Clearing Treatment’ all over my face. I have my eye on Lush ‘Cosmetic Warrior’ face mask so please fill me in on your thoughts if you have used it. Once cleansed I spray a Shu Uemura mist all over my face (I have the mint one). I’m not too sure what this mist is for but my face has been gleaming since I added it to my pamper routine. I then disperse a generous amount of my current moisturiser all over my now soft face after I apply Clairns ‘Double Serum’.

I then move to my tootsies! I remove any hard skin with my Micro-pedi. I would urge anyone who is on their feet all day to invest in this. It leaves my feet baby soft. I then massage Palmers ‘Foot Magic’ on both feet and finish with a drop of cuticle oil on my nails. I normally would have gel polish done professionally but if not I would use the Topshop nail varnish range.

I’m not the best at hair pampering so I just mix some coconut oil with a Kerastase anti-breakage cream.
Throughout this pamper session a pot of green tea will always be in close proximity. I find that green tea puts any anxieties I may be experiencing to rest – it genuinely is a hug in a mug!
I conclude my pamper session with twenty minutes of mindfulness. I then fall into my electric blanket heated bed with a good book. Perfection!
So that’s it. Even writing about my pamper nights is making me feel relaxed! I hope you all indulge in some pampering soon.

Crave happiness NOT perfection!

”When the ground is crumbled it opens up the crack so light can shine in and wildflowers can bloom”
I have never had the ability to surrender to anything. Surrendering is giving up your power, being vulnerable and defeated. From an early age I was unable to cope with negativity. This varied from ensuring I achieved outstanding grades in school to creating the perfect make up look. I craved perfection in my life and if I didn’t attain it I would become distressed. This imposed an abundance of anxiety on me. Not only was it exhausting, but it was virtually impossible!
Everyone gets frustrated at times and sees themselves as inferior. Trying to change ourselves, wanting to be a certain way or trying to will things to be different does not work. Mindful surrender is not giving up, it is accepting and trust me that takes courage!
This life of self-acceptance is what I am trying to cultivate within myself. I need to have the ability to let go and surrender to situationships that are not within my control.
I have to remind myself that my self-worth does not depend on how others perceive me, it is how I perceive myself. Also, to remind myself that I must live my life in the way that I want.
I’m not an expert on this, but I am finding my way. It makes me less tense, it helps me to be more mindful and less frustrated. It makes me a happier person. Ultimately, I wish all of this for you <3