About Me

Welcome to my fairyland <3

This is my little sliver of the internet where I unveil what I am most passionate about (In reality this is ALL going to be dedicated to beauty and yoga)! After months of quibbling with myself I decided to take the leap and create this blog.
My main element that encouraged me to start blogging was my rocky relationship with bulimia nervosa which became evident when I chose a wrong career path. Being in these toxic surroundings revealed to me everything about what I didn’t want in life. I didn’t look on this experience as an anchor whatsoever. Fortunately,I used this experience as an opportunity for self-growth to navigate my way to a career where I was walking on air!
During the last number of months, I have flourished into a person that I am truly proud of. I have got my confidence back, my relationships have blossomed but most importantly my happiness has returned. Unquestionably, I encounter daunting days but no journey is straightforward.

Don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.
I hope you all enjoy reading