A hidden gem – Beauty at the Lodge

I adore eyelashes. I honestly believe lushes lashes totally transform a person. I like to experiment with all the varieties that are on the market and try different salons that offer the treatment.

I have always heard amazing reviews about Beauty at the Lodge so I booked myself in for the semi-permanent mink eyelash treatment. The salon has a rural location which is perfect (especially if you are having an intimate treatment).

On arrival, the first thing I noticed was the tranquil ambiance. I was met with this gorgeous aroma.  It was like stepping into a dream as I glanced at the luxurious salon decor.

I opted to go for dramatic mink eye lashes, but the beautician will customize the lash to meet your individual requirements. I was cuddled in a warm blanket and the next thing I remember was drifting to dreamland. My beautician was amazing and extremely gentle. It can be claustrophobic to consciously have your eyes closed for two hours, but I was so relaxed I didn’t even notice. I came away with the most perfect, voluminous eyelashes. This salon was the best experience I have ever had with the mink eyelash treatment. It was pure luxury from beginning to end.

My overall result – STUNNING! Four weeks on from the treatment and my eyelashes were still fluttering like butterflies on a spring day!

Beauty at the Lodge have specialized treatments and use renowned brands such as Guinot. The salon offers an extensive range of treatments that would leave anyone feeling rejuvenated. If you want to step away feeling a princess, I couldn’t recommend this salon more.image

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