Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself

I’m always ranting on about how to love your body and cherish your flaws. And undoubtedly it’s easier said than done. You see people around you embracing their bodies but you continue to hide under that baggy jumper 🙁 .

Are there instructions on how to love yourself? Can I find a tutorial on YouTube? Unfortunately no, it’s not that simple (what in life is 😮 ). How do you love your body when you find it difficult to look in the mirror without getting anxious? Loving yourself does not happen over night, I wish it wasn’t but it’s a long, sometimes difficult process. It’s a lifelong journey. You’ve been criticising yourself for so long so you have to change that negative mindset. It’s waking up everyday and realising this is the one body you have. It’s wearing what makes you feel good and not what’s “on trend”. It’s not comparing yourself to anyone.

When I was at my lowest with body image I’d do anything to berate myself. Reminiscing it’s so sad that the only way I felt was to stick my fingers down my throat.

When I changed my perspective here are a few tips that helped me.

♥ Acceptance before love.
This seems mental right? But you’ve been hating, criticising and complaining about your body for so long you can’t just wake up and instantly love it. First, accept it. Personally, I hated my arms (and I still struggle with them today) so I wasn’t going to automatically start loving them. But I grew to accept them. I have big boobs so sometimes my arms can look chunky (or maybe it’s in my head). These are the only pair of arms I’m ever going to get so I better start accepting them and in time love them 🙂 .

♥ You’re not plastic.
I used to think why did I have such large open pores, why did I have cellulite on my bum, why did my tummy have little rolls when I sat down? Every little thing that I could criticise, I did. But I was comparing myself to airbrushed females in magazines, music videos and online. In reality, those girls didn’t even look like that. Stop trying to attain perfection, it’s tiresome and guaranteed you’ll lose a chunk of your life. Your lumps, bumps, scars and dimples are part of you.

♥ Negative people bring negative energy.
The people you spend your time with have an impact on how you view yourself. Yes we all go through dark patches and hard times but we don’t turn into a negative person because of this. To help ourselves be more positive we have to stop wasting time on people who bring us down. It’s not that we have to be around positive people 24/7 (because who is upbeat all the damn time 😛 ) but we need to be around people who make us feel good about ourselves. Love yourself enough to distance yourself from those who dim your light 😉 .

♥ Checking yourself will wreck yourself.
Constantly jumping on and off the scales will put you through mental anguish. I haven’t weighed myself in nearly
two years and I’m much happier for it. If you’re mood is affected by weighing yourself (which it shouldn’t be), get rid of it. If you do want to achieve a certain body, train for the feel good factor and not a number on the scale.

Never ever let anyone tell you that you have to look a certain way to love yourself. Stick a middle finger up to society’s idea of ‘perfection’. I’ve still a long way to go and an abundance of negative habits to unlearn, but self-love is a journey – and it’s a journey I’m glad I’m on ❤️

My Dermalogica facial @ Saffron Health & Beauty

I’m a skincare addict, I adore all things skin and get extremely excited when I add a new product to my routine (sad, ahem 😛 ). So undoubtedly, I was over the moon when the gorgeous Amanda invited me to try a Dermalogica skin treatment. I had extremely oily skin during the summer months and the Active-Moist moisturizer from the range saved me.

Walking into Saffron was like entering into a complete zen, away from the hustle and bustle. The relaxing environment added to my wonderful experience.

Now to the fun part 😉
Dermalogica facials can address :

♥ Skin breakouts

♥ Ageing skin

♥ Unbalanced skin-tone

♥ Pigmentation

I do facials,peels, exfoliation – everything at home but nothing beats going to a professional. This treatment is tailored to your individual skin needs. Amanda assessed my skin concerns and planned what it needed (which was an abundance of TLC).

The tranquility in the treatment room was surreal. Amanda talked me through each step of the treatment. I definitely was drifting in and out of sleep, I was that relaxed! There was a gorgeous facial massage towards the end of the treatment. I had blocked sinuses before this, and leaving Saffron even they felt relieved.

There was a deep cleanse, a facial steam, an exfoliation and a customized mask for my skin type. A refining masque was chosen for my skin to detoxify it. Not only that but EVERY blackhead was extracted from my skin (YOU CANNOT DO THIS AT HOME). The blackhead removal was a tedious task for poor Amanda. I had several really deep ones around my chin which I was delighted to say toodle-loo to.

After the treatment my skin was instantly glowing not to mention how relaxed I felt. I was shocked at the results I got from one facial so I can’t wait to see my skin after my next one.

It was brilliant to get a list of recommendations for my skin from Amanda. Sometimes we’re trying a concoction of products on our face but we don’t really know our skin type. Or am I just talking about myself here ?! 😛

My skin is six days post facial and it is still luminous (I’m going makeup free most days which is significant for me). A few little bumps appeared on my chin but that was just the congestion coming from the lower layer of my skin.

This is way more than a facial, it’s a skin treatment. I recommend anyone who is experiencing problems with their skin to check the range of facials that are offered by Saffron. Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin 🙂 .

NeoStrata Redness Neutralizing Serum

As Irish people we are ‘blessed’ to have skin so sensitive that it reacts even if you look at us sideways 😛 . In all seriousness, the majority of Irish people have extremely sensitive skin so it is imperative that we care for it and use the correct products.
During winter my skin can get extremely sensitive causing it to look flushed. Yes, a green concealer or full coverage foundation will hide any redness, but that’s just masking it. This serum treats the skin from the lower layers to the surface, so we can say see ya to those rosy cheeks 🙂 . Not only does it reduce redness and target rosacea, it also has anti aging properties. I’m on the wrong side of 21 so I’ll take all the help I can get to remain looking fresh-faced! This serum does exactly that. After application my skin looks plump, glowing and redness free.

I applied two pumps of this serum morning and evening before my moisturizer. It dries into the skin almost instantly which is perfect especially when you have people to see and things to do 😉 .

All NeoStrata products are based on genuine research, which I find so interesting AND no one is going to argue with scientific evidence. The serum contains PHAs which improve the skin barrier and keep it moisturized. Based on the research, this serum promised that after two weeks my skin would have a more even tone and any inflammation/redness would be reduced. Once again, NeoStrata needs to take a bow as the results were delivered in less than two weeks.

The Redness Neutralizing Serum is 44.95EURO and a list of stockists can be found on .

AYU brush set – REVIEW!

Everyone knows that a flawless makeup application is reliant on the tools – BRUSHES! These brushes from AYU will definitely assist in an impeccable appearance 🙂 .

AYU is an Irish company that specializes in makeup brushes. The company is owned by the amazing makeup artist Suzanne O’Neill (who I am utterly obsessed with on snapchat 🙂 ) and her sister Laura. Suzanne is a pro in the industry so she knows what works and what doesn’t – hence the amazing brushes.


I have been using the brushes daily since I received them. I have the travel set which contains five staple brushes – I could complete my entire makeup routine just using these five gems. The travel set is extremely convenient, just pop the pouch in your bag and go 🙂 .

AYU Blush/Contour brush 

When I first started contouring, I looked like I was going to a fancy dress party as a red Indian 🙁 this was purely because I didn’t have the right brushes. Thankfully, this has changed somewhat 🙂 . This brush makes contouring extremely easy. It applies the product perfectly in the hollows of the cheeks. With a brush like this we have no excuse not to have cheekbones like Kim K 😉 .


AYU Blender brush

Blending brushes dominate my makeup bag – personally, I think you can never have enough of these. This AYU blender is phenomenal, it fits perfectly into the eye socket and blends the eye makeup beautifully. I have used this with powder to set under my eyes and it also worked like a dream. Now you can see why I adore blending brushes – flexibility!!!!!!!


AYU Buffer brush

I love full coverage and this brush creates just that! I use it with the Cailyn HD Foundation and it leaves a flawless finish. I use it everyday and it has definitely changed me from a flat foundation brush devotee. I like how it can create an unblemished finish with powder, cream AND liquid products – once again, multi-purpose 😉 .


AYU Eyeliner brush

I use this beauty to apply my gel eye-liner on both my water-line and lash-line. The sharp angle provides a sharp finish so I don’t result in looking like a raccoon. This brush is so small so it isn’t tricky to work with – it will suit pros and novices alike.


AYU Pro Blender brush 

This is another brush with extensive uses 🙂 . I use it to apply shadow directly to my lid, but it can also be used for blending and crease application. I especially love it for days when I’m in a rush (everyday) just to sweep a colour over my lid. Practical and pretty 🙂 .


These brushes are brilliant quality and extremely affordable. I’s also great to be supporting Irish brands in the beauty world. I’d definitely recommend having a snoop 🙂 .




Pampering at Pello with Aveda

My mum and I were invited to indulge in an Aveda Botanical hair treatment last Friday. I could not have imagined my weekend beginning better!
Pello is one of Ireland’s prestige Aveda salons, that carry an extensive range of these gorgeous paraben free products.
Before discussing my luxurious treatment I am going to talk about the background of Aveda products. These products are second to none! All Aveda products are derived from natural ingredients (even the hair colour is 96% natural). It is so enlightening to know that these products are completely natural as opposed to all the  chemicals we smother our body in. The herbal scent that the Aveda products have is unique. Aveda are major advocates for the protection of our environment. The mission at Aveda is to be respectful of our surroundings while also making clients feel beautiful inside and out! To celebrate Aveda Earth Month, the staff at Pello along with their clients will be participating in a 6K on May 2nd. All contributions from the fundraiser will go towards Aveda Earth Month. This 6K walk reflects the average distance that females and children walk daily in developing countries in the search for clean water 😔. This is an amazing cause and guaranteed to be an exciting day for all.
Now on to the fun part 😉 .The treatment is applied to my hair and immediately I am overwhelmed by the relaxing aroma that came from the concoction. The moisturizing tonic which is composed of pomegranate removes excess product from the scalp while adding life back into my dry locks. The technique which massages the treatment into the hair is phenomenal. I had a hot towel applied on three different intervals during the process.
While the treatment absorbed into my hair, I received an amazing hand massage using Aveda products. Admittedly, each time I visit Pello, I am falling more in love with this complimentary treatment. It is definitely the icing on the cake 😊 . The herbal tonic was then rinsed from my hair and I received a gorgeous curly blow-dry. My hair was gleaming with luminosity and looked extremely healthy.
There we were relaxed, pampered and with glowing hair ready to take on the weekend!
The service at Pello Hair is really delivered with a smile. I have never encountered such a friendly team. Every time I visit the salon I receive princess treatment. I have used and abused my hair in the past and now thanks to Aveda products and the team at Pello it is finally coming back into order. If you hair is lacking that oomph I definitely recommend this treatment. You will leave feeling like Rapunzel!

You’re only as sick as your secrets!

Mental health isn’t discussed in our society as much as it should be, so it’s understandable that people are nervous to admit they are struggling. Ultimately, you feel completely alone when battling with a mental health illness – you’re alone with your own thoughts and the negativity in your own mind. Speaking from a personal perspective this is frightening.

Once we realize that we are not alone we can deal with these thoughts and have a better quality of life. The most difficult part is to actually admit that we need help, but I promise you it will be the best decision ever made 🙂 . 

FullSizeRender (1)

From suffering with an eating disorder, I have discovered that everyday is not sunshine, sparkles and solace. Yes, there are good days, okay days and then we have the damned ugly days.

What then? I used to avoid everyone and be stuck in my own head! Why? Because I was embarrassed to admit that I was suffering with an eating disorder. In retrospect, this was idiotic – if I had a physical illness I would have requested help, and mental illness should have been treated in the same way.

Now I do things very different. I began to improve my personal perspective on life when I started my journey to recovery.

I’m a big supporter of alternative therapies. Mindfulness has played and is still playing a role on my path to recovery.

Mental health is unique to everyone and each person who encounters struggles will be different. But the one thing that we all have in common is that we can’t  struggle alone.

Find a trusted friend or individual who you can confide in. Just letting that one person know is a major support and can be a weight of your shoulders. A problem shared, is a problem halved!

Relax 🙂 Be selfish and take time for yourself. Organise me-time to do activities you enjoy that help you chill the hell out 😛 .

Your vibe attracts your tribe 🙂 . Did you ever hear this saying before? Well, basically it means the people who you surround yourself with have a major impact on your outlook. To be positive and banish any horrible thoughts it is essential that you have people around you who support you. Not people who are critical and make you feel bad about yourself. So if you want to move forward with positive mental health, consider who you are around on a daily basis.


Remaining mindful alleviates any anxiety about past or future problems which have a significant quiver on our mental health. It is pointless worrying about things that have happened or that are going to happen. When you’re in the present, it is easier to remain positive and actually focus on what’s going on. If you ever feel yourself drifting, focus on what’s going on around you – especially your breath.

FullSizeRenderI just want to urge people, don’t let the stigma of an eating disorder or any mental health illness be a barrier to getting treatment. I understand the powerlessness and isolation of these secret battles. I was in a career I despised, anxious and extremely bulimic, if I can crawl back up I believe anyone can. You are only as sick as your secrets!

Always remember to be kind, you don’t know what battles people are going through.

NYX Contour & Highlight Pro Palette

As someone who has a face as round as a football, I am constantly searching for the the perfect contouring products. I switch between cream and powder products in the search for cheekbones similar to Maleficent 🙂 .

I have been lusting over this NYX palette for a while and now it is finally under my reign 🙂 .This is a versatile palette that can create an abundance of different looks – it has so many options whether you prefer a matte highlight in preference to a sparkle highlight or a really dramatic contour! It contains four highlight powders and four contour powders. All powders in the palette can be purchased in refillable pans which is extremely convenient.


Highlight powders

Ice Queen – This is a gorgeous pearl white shade. This colour in the inner corner of the eye makes your peepers pop!  It also looks fab above the cupids bow. I find when I highlight my cheekbones with it, it appears ashy because my skin tone is too dark 🙁 .  Pale beauty’s could use this as a cheekbone highlight if you adore that strong, sparkly glow.

Soft Light – This is the perfect nude, that has a satin finish. It’s great for highlighting if you dislike shimmer. The finish provides a nice glow to any area that needs brightening .

Cream – I finally have a yellow powder YAY 🙂 . I cannot explain how much I adore this colour for setting under the eyes. My face definitely looks brighter after I apply this. This is a stunning powder if you are in search for the perfect banana shade.

Nectar – The final highlight shade has a soft shimmer that provides a gorgeous glow to the skin. It’s extremely wearable so you won’t resemble a disco ball. A light coating over the cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose illuminates the skin beautifully.


Tan – This powder has slightly red undertones so it’s perfect for contouring olive skin tones. I adore it for contouring my forehead as it warms my skin and gives me that summer glow. It also doubles up as an eye shadow for a smokey sunset eye.

Toffee – This is a true neutral brown. This would be an amazing bronzer for any skin tone. When I first glanced at this colour I saw shimmer and immediately began panicking, but fortunately the shimmer doesn’t shift to the skin. It just provides a gorgeous subtle sheen minus chunky glitter particles. Phew!

Sculpt – This contour colour had cool undertones. This would be perfect for an everyday contour powder for all skin tones. It blended beautifully into the skin. This colour is a brilliant addition to any makeup kit.

Hollow – This is the darkest brown. I use this colour for contouring my cheekbones when I want to look like I could cut my enemies with my cheekbones 🙂 . It provides an extremely dramatic look on my medium skin tone.


Every shade is extremely pigmented so being light-handed is essential (unless you are Ru Paul 🙂 ). I like to use duo-fiber brushes because it seems I have hands that are as heavy as lead 🙂 . I mix and match between different shades depending on the look I am creating, and I even use each powder as an eye-shadow.

On the whole, this is a valuable addition to your makeup stash. This palette will strip you of €25.00 so it is a steal for the amount of product you are getting. If you are on the contouring and highlighting train at the moment, this is definitely something to invest in.

Contour powders – Tan, Toffee, Sculpt, Hollow. Highlight powders – Ice Queen, Soft Light, Cream, Nectar.